Remote Production Solutions

Your full service Glass-to-glass vendor for remote production & remote events.

Glass-to-glass: From camera lens to user's screens.
We pride ourselves in handling all pieces in between so you aren't dealing with 5 vendors.

Remote Producer Connect

Using the live feeds from each device we build a live multi-camera “video village” for the producers, content team or anyone who needs visibility via a realtime video call (able to support most conference solutions as desired.)

This allows the team to monitor and give notes of the production in real-time.

Studio-in-a-box or Bring-your-own-device

We can work with the needs of your specific project and customize a full production studio kit including microphones, lighting, and high-end phones. Using specialized apps pre-installed we can transmit and monitor the live video from each phone.

Live or Post Workflows

These live feeds can be switched live with added features you would expect from a full working studio. We can add video roll-ins, graphics, and switch seamlessly between camera feeds. This can support a live to tape model or a truly live to broadcast. Streaming capabilities include but not limited to B Live custom embed, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter, Youtube, Weibo, LinkedIn, encompass fiber video to broadcast etc…

Virtual Switcher

Allow your creative team to direct their own live performances using our virtual cloud-based video switcher solution. We will work with your team to give you the amount of control your comfortable with while still ensuring quality and reliability.

Global Distribution + Social

Stream your event live, plus VOD, to all devices globally and in crisp HD. Simultaneously stream your event, in whole or teaser parts, to social media including multiple accounts on each network. Extend your reach by streaming to your top panelist and speakers' social accounts.

  • Global HD Video distribution
  • Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, LinkedIn Live, Twitter Live
  • APAC: Kakao, Weibo, LINE and more
  • Unlimited social accounts

Expert Support

From video production, tech setup, streaming best practices, digital experiences and more -- we're dedicated to making your event a succeses. Our goal is to help you reach your goals so that you can repeat your event for years to come.

Simple Installation

Our one-line expandable embed code lets you install the entire conference experience on your site with very little effort. Or, go further with a fully hosted microsite, ideal for repeating or annual events to build an on-going library of event media.

Full reporting & analytics

Our in-house reports ensure you get a full view of your event, from video, attendeees, engagement and more. Plus, since we don't outsource our data collection, we can dive in and answer questions that help ensure this event and future events are successful.

Let's talk about your remote production needs.

We can help you from conception all the way through to reporting -- or any spot in between.
Drop us a note and let's chat about your goals and how we can help.

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